Society of the Plastic Industry Symbols

“The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) introduced its resin coding system in order to identify the various resins found in plastic bottles and rigid containers and to make sorting and recycling plastic bottles and containers easier for recyclers in Canada. Despite the similarity in appearance between the SPI symbols and the Mobius loop, the presence of an SPI code does not indicate that the product is recyclable or is recycled locally.”

SPI Code

1   PETE polyethylene terephthalate
2   HDPE high-density polyethylene
3   V vinyl/polyvinyl chloride
4   LDPE low-density polyethylene
5   PP polypropylene
6   PS polystyrene
7   OTHER  

This labelling system was created by the Society of the Plastics Industry to clarify the type of plastic a particular product was made out of. These symbols do not indicate whether or not the product is recyclable. Visit your local recycling depot to find out how what plastics they can recycle.

For more information about these SPI symbols, visit the Society of the Plastics Industry website.

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