“EnerGuide is a Government of Canada initiative that rates the energy consumption and efficiency of household appliance, heating equipment, cooling equipment, ventilating equipment, new houses and personal vehicles. You can use the EnerGuide label to make informed buying decisions by comparing the energy performance of different products.”

“Federal law in Canada, under Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations, requires that the EnerGuide label be placed on all new electrical appliances manufactured in or imported into Canada and that the label indicate the amount of electricity used by that appliance. This information is determined by standardized test procedures. A third-party agency verifies that an appliance meets Canada’s minimum energy performance levels.”

EnerGuide Info

The EnerGuide Logo gives consumers specific information on the energy use of the Product. These include:

  • Average annual energy consumption of the appliance in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Energy efficiency of the appliance relative to similar models
  • Annual energy consumption range for models of this type and size
  • Type and size of the model
  • Model number

For more information about EnerGuide, visit the Government of  Canada’s EnerGuide Resource Page.

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