“Founded in 1988, EcoLogoTM is North America’s most respected and established multi-attribute environmental standard and certification mark. In a skeptical marketplace, EcoLogo builds needed trust by providing scientific proof of environmental leadership.”

“The EcoLogo Program is a Type I eco-label, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This means that the Program compares products/services with others in the same category, develops rigorous and scientifically relevant criteria that reflect the entire lifecycle of the product, and awards the EcoLogo to those that are verified by an independent third party as complying with the criteria.”

Eco Logo

Every Product with the Ecologo indicates that that product meets criteria made for it’s product type. The criteria considers the entire lifespan of the product, from creation to use and disposal. This leaves the consumer with an understanding of the impact of using the product in everyday life.

For more information on Ecologo, or register your products with Ecologo, visit the Ecologo Website.

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